For over 60 Years, Restonic Mattress Corporation has been a leading supplier of commercial bedding products (Mattresses & Bedding Accessories) to the Hotel/Motel Industry, Collages/Universities, Commercial/Industrial products to customer specifications.
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We are pleased to warrant against defects in workmanship and material of the sleep set. In the unlikely event that service is required because of such defects after purchase, your Restonic mattress and/or foundation will be repaired or replaced (at Restonic option).

5 years limited warranty against manufacturing defects.

The warranty covers only the following items during normal wear.



  • Wires that are loose, broken or protruding through fabric.
  • Sagging, only if the mattress has been continuously supported by a matching foundation (or equivalent) and used with an appropriate frame and center support, or a minimum of 5 cross slats with 3 concentrated in the third for queen and king sets.
  • Body impressions at least 1.ā€ deep on both sides.



  • Broken or loose Modules
  • Compression or unstapling of Moducoils
  • Broken or loose grid top
  • Splitting of the wood frame
  • Loose, bent of defective wood beams
  • Sagging, but only when continuously supported with a appropriate frame with a rigid center support having at least 5 legs or 5 cross slats for queen and king sets.


* Terms and conditions apply.